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Intenso – “Blood Shrinks Everything”

This track is a great example on how to use samples and loops correctly. I feel like a kid in a samples store, looking around in wonder.

Intenso’s track “Blood Shrinks Everything” is, as the title might let you guess, a pretty weird track. Weird in a good way. Weird in a groovy way. Weird in the way of putting jazz, lo-fi and glitch-hop into a blender, stir it up, and then sprinkle some guitars over it. Kind of like the first time you were offered a weird green juice full of ingredients you didn’t know, but ended up liking it a lit anyway. This happened to me with “Blood Shrinks Everything”.
I asked myself “what the hell am I listening to?” a couple of times and then I decided that I really like this track.

The track is a slow builder, starting out with looping samples and incorporating drums, guitars and other sounds as the minutes go by, to almost get to a kind of jazz rock/port rock vibe around mid-track. Police siren samples and other sonic details make their appearance throughout the duration of the song.

Intenso are an experimental three piece band from Perth, Western Australia. Their music is an improvisational exploration into time, type and approach; a synergy with an emphasis on emotional triggers. Purely executed on the fly; the only appetite is to connect musically, to produce a material composite as a platform.

The Stars Are Cold Toys EP featuring “Blood Shrinks Everything” was released on August 29th. Make sure you check out the entire thing! For now, let’s start by listening to “Blood Shrinks Everything.”

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