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Interview: Lexi Todd

Hello, where are you from and where are you currently located?

Hi there! I’m originally from the New Jersey shore (LBI area), but I’ve been in Brooklyn for over 6 years now.

How do you describe your genre of music overall?

I like having the freedom to bounce between different styles and genres both from song to song and even within one song. Overall, I’d call my music indie-soul; some of my songs lean more towards alternative r&b/neo-soul and some more towards indie pop. I’m heavily influenced by classic and contemporary soul, jazz and indie music.

Tell us about your latest new single and video release!

I just released a new single “Window Shopping,” along with a music video, on 10/29. This project represented a new side of my personality and artistry because in my previous releases I was always very strong and singing from a place of empowerment, with the goal of inspiring other women to stand tall as well. That’s still what I’m all about, but I’m realizing I don’t have to express that sentiment from a place of strength and hardness all the time. “Window Shopping” was the first time I showed a softer, more vulnerable side, both sonically and visually.

Please tell us about your upcoming shows and tour plans?

I’m playing this really awesome event on 11/15 at the 5th Avenue Athleta store in NYC. It’s a Wellness Pop-Up hosted by this organization TTYL, which is a NYC based self-care organization that hosts phone-free events to promote human connection and stress management. I try to take my mental and spiritual health seriously myself, and helping to spread that message and build a community around that with my music is something I’m really passionate about. I also have a Sofar Sounds NYC showcase coming up on 12/6. You should definitely check out Sofar if you haven’t heard of them!

How would you describe your LIVE show to someone who hasn’t seen it before?

I always say that I consider myself primarily a live artist versus a studio artist. I joined my first band about 9 years ago and have played hundreds of shows over the years; from 4-hour cover shows at Jersey shore bars to 30-minute original showcases at festivals and traditional venues. I always tell stories on stage and try to give a backstory to the songs, so people can really relate to the music. I also always incorporate some crowd involvement, whether that’s having the audience sing-along, clap, dance, or even choose the next song. I try to break down the barrier between the stage and the audience because that’s how I like to experience music when I go to live shows.

Anything else you would like to share with our readers?

I’ll be sending exclusive content and sneak peaks over the next couple months through my email list, which you can join at my website lexitoddmusic.com!

Please include all of your social media links and your Spotify link thank you!

URL: http://lexitodd.com/

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4nUU2Fz1Pmt2SaXVE4prUu?si=NPbX3NPWSZCXTe6ybrIBTA

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/lexitoddmusic/

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