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Interview: Nic Gonzalez

Super excited to chat with you Nic! What has 2020 been like for you? We would love to hear more about your experience. 

2020 has been really crazy for me. I guess it has for everyone. I am part of the Class of 2020 so it was a little shocking to have school shut down and miss the last half of my Senior year. We were able to have a graduation and I stayed in contact with my friends and bonded with family and got through it. During the strict quarantine, I was able to really concentrate on my social media and spend a lot of time on coming up with new content and building my following. As restrictions have eased in my area, I am now off to exciting new adventures in college and so looking forward to what lies ahead.

We love watching you on TikTok – you have become a massive hit. Tell us more about how that started for you?

It all kind of started in my bedroom and in my backyard. I discovered the Musical.ly app and started making my first videos. I kept working on my dancing skills and content. When TikTok acquired the app, I began to really build up my following. I literally started from scratch and have been so fortunate to obtain such a large and loyal following.

With as many followers as you have – do you feel pressure to post more on Tiktok or is it just a fun outlet for you?

I don’t feel pressure because I really enjoy making TikTok videos. I will sometimes stress over coming up with new and fresh content but only because I want to give my fans the very best. When I learn a new dance, I may do dozens and dozens of takes of it before I settle on one to post but I love every minute of it. It actually helps relieve a stressful day to just take a timeout and work on TikTok videos.

You also have a knack for modeling – is that something you hope to pursue more?

Yes, absolutely. I really want to get more into the modeling field. I have just started building my portfolio. I have several photo shoots booked in the near future. I have also done several clothes modeling gigs. I have other things in the works and hopefully you will see me doing more modeling very soon.

Where can we find you on TikTok and IG?

I can be found on both @nicgonlas. Come follow me. I promise to always give you my best. My mantra is positive vibes only so I always strive to put a smile on the face of anyone who views my content. I have fun and I want my followers to have fun too.

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