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Interview with 2Four

Hello 2Four! Thank you for taking time to chat with us today. We heard you have new music coming out! Congratulations. Tell us more about it.  Thank you! And yes new music coming very soon. May 15 th my new single “Light Show” will be dropping on all platforms. It’s really a showcase of my more edm and electronic side so it’s a different vibe and catchy and dope and I can’t wait till it releases. How long have you been working on your new music? I’m always working on new music. That won’t change because the creating process is what makes it fun. Coming up with lyrics and listening to beats and just everything that goes along with it is my favorite part. I always have unreleased songs that I’m listening to as well so that’s a process that keeps on going. Do you have one song you are most excited to release?  Light Show will be the next single dropping so I am excited to release that and have something fresh that follows up my last successful single “Party Time”. Of course I have more coming down the line later this year as well. What was your biggest inspiration for your new music?  It really just depends on what I am feeling at the time I am creating something but really my inspiration is to give people something to feel and giving people vibes. I write and create the music that I want to hear and know that some people can relate to it and feel the same type of thing. What has been your favorite thing to do to pass time while we have all been social distancing. Besides having more time to write and come up with ideas, I am doing a lot of Netflix watching and playing a lot of video games and what not. Eating entirely too much. Just trying to relax as much as possible and enjoy the down time but still getting a lot of work done. Anything else you would like to share with our readers?  Stay tuned for the release of my new single “Light Show” on May 15 th and stay locked in as I’ll have different things coming down the pike like merch and such really soon so stay tuned for all of that. Thank you for your time! Thank you so much! Press Inquiries:  bsquaredmgmt@gmail.com End of Interview

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