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Boy Harsher

A conversation with Boy Harsher

Boy Harsher was formed in Savannah (GA) in 2014, and is one of the fastest growing dark electronic projects in the United States at the moment. Composed of Jae and Augustus, the band’s full length Yr Body is Nothing made the Too Much Love top 10 list in 2016.

Songs like “Pain” or “Yr Body is Nothing” have made their way into countless playlists and clubs, due to their music being a perfect balance between mystery, dark sensuality, and dance beats.

The band is currently on a North American tour with The Soft Moon, and on April 25th they will be visiting Miami to play a show at Gramps. We had the chance to catch up with Jae and Augustus, the masterminds behind the band, a few days before their visit to Florida.


It has been a little over a year since the last time you visited Miami. And many good things happened for you guys since then. What do you think has been your biggest achievement in this time?    

Augustus: In the last year, it would have to be the Country Girl EP.  We spent a lot of time on that and were/are very happy with the results.

Jae: I don’t know – there has been so much. Maybe going to Europe – I never thought that we would do that.


Your songs are very mysterious and sensual, what do you want to transmit to the people that listen to your songs?

Augustus: For me it’s just about raw, tangible emotion.  

Jae: I hope that I’m transmitting some form of tenderness + intensity. I like mystery, but also rly want that intimate ‘known’ connection.


You guys formed Boy Harsher in 2014 and in just a few years your music gained a “cult” status. Why do you think that happened? Do you think your songs fill a gap between the 80’s nostalgia and the contemporary dark wave/synthwave moment?  

Augustus: I have no idea. I’m often surprised by the reception from the first songs — I had almost no expectations for that EP.

Jae: It’s v flattering. I’m surprised by the attention as well.  I can’t really speak to why we experienced such a rabid response, but I definitely have fun with our stuff and maybe that translates?


Many people are talking about the new new wave. What do you think about that? Why do you think there is that resurgence of 80’s sounds?

Augustus:  I can’t really answer for anyone else, but I’m really attracted to the minimalism found in a lot of 80s electronics.


You have collaborated with some very talented musicians in different capacities. The Soft Moon recently remixed one of your songs, Kristina from King Woman starred in the video for “Motion”. Who would be your dream collaboration?

Augustus: I would love to work with Boris Blank of Yello. It would be amazing to pick their brain about production tricks.  I also would like to start working with filmmakers to create score… so my dream = feature film.

Jae: Wow yeah, so many directions.  For music, it would be a jump in time to maybe go back to Italo disco, do vocals on a Decadence song, or work with Giorgio Moroder.  Then there’s a long list of filmmakers I wanna work with, would def be a dream to work with the cinematographer Sean Williams. I am hoping to create some more videos this year.  Also want to keep creating some more small press booklets. There’s just a lot of collaboration I constantly want to do.


You recently started our own label, Nude Club Records. I think that opening their own record label it’s becoming a tendency among underground artists. What was the main reason for you to start your own imprint?

Augustus: We are very lucky that we had the opportunity to work with the labels that we did.  They took care of us and helped us get to where we are now. Working with these DIY labels inspired us to start our own imprint.

Jae: I think we were romanced by this idea of keeping the work local – like with us. We’re like uneasy burners so we couldn’t feel comfortable committing to a future we didn’t know about – this way it feels like we have our own type of control.


Are you planning on releasing music by other artists on Nude Club Records?

Augustus: It’s a possibility. Just right now we’re focusing on our own material.

Jae: I hope so.


What are some acts that recently caught your attention?

Augustus: I am really into the new Essaie Pas record – New Path and Lea Bertucci’s latest – Metal Aether.

Jae: We just got to see Schwefelgelb and that was bonkers. Been a fan for years, but live is so rewarding. Our friends Hide just put out a record, Castration Anxiety, and the latest Kontravoid EP, Undone, both are very fun for our desert traveling.


You are currently on a North American tour with The Soft Moon. What’s your favorite part of being on the road? And about this tour in particular?

Augustus: I’m writing this at Mexican breakfast spot in Van Horn, Tx. Small place, just a couple old cowboys having coffee. Stuff like that.

Jae: I really appreciate the same – these moments across the country.  And maybe this is cheesy, but yesterday we were talking about how nice it is to go from city to city where usually there is someone we’ve met along the way.  We live an isolated life at home, so I always look forward to people that I’ve grown attached to through touring.


And the part you dislike the most?

Augustus: I miss our dog!!

Jae: I miss Bear (our dog) and my bed.  Privacy….

Sometimes it’s a bummer to drive and like beat yourself up to get to a venue and then just not deliver a performance that you are happy with — I wouldn’t say I dislike this feeling the most, but it’s definitely an experience that can make me sad / makes me grow.


You recently released an extended version of you Country Girl EP. Are you planning on releasing any new songs soon?

Augustus: We’re working on an album right now.  Takes time.

Jae:  Maybe we’ll release some side stuff, but we are focusing on really cultivating the next release.


What are your plans after this tour is over?

Augustus: Doing a few dates in Europe, then trying to take a break from shows for a bit to work.

Jae:  Trying to wrap up a couple writing projects as well as the album. So probably just hiding away for awhile.  Also still need to figure out where to move …



April 25th – The Soft Moon and Boy Harsher 
At Gramps – Doors 8pm
Organized by Heroes Live Entertainment 
Advanced Tickets Here  

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