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Interview with Codi Dillon

We are SO excited to be chatting with YOU! What has been taking up your days as of lately when it comes to your music? 

I’ve been working a lot on promoting my recent release, “CØLLUSIØN,” that dropped this September. I’ve also been working a lot on creating some visual content and making a special IGTV series that will be featured on my Instagram (@codi.Dillon) soon, where I go in depth about each song on the album.

Do you feel pressure when you decide to post things on your social media?

YES! The pressure is so real, especially as a striving and fame hungry artist. It’s sad that there is the pressure pre-placed for any indie artist or influencer trying to market themselves. Social media has now become a marketing ploy, rather than being something I can just freely post on.

How would you describe your personal style when it comes to how you present yourself as an artist? 

My style is very eclectic. I love to be a chameleon and try all sorts of edgy and boundary pushing attire that gets people’s attention. I think it resembles a lot of who I am in a sense that I can freely express my wild and crazy imagination through the clothes on my body.

What is your musical philosophy?

Music is a gateway to anywhere we want to go. It is the biggest equalizer in harvesting our most vulnerable selves. We are able to escape reality for 3-4 mins in a song and just feel connected. Music is one of the greatest forces and powers that exist. I’m so grateful to be able to create and free myself through an outlet that’s so limitless on what you can do and has that ability to be a healing property.

Where can our audience find you and support all your current and new projects!! 

You can find more CODI DILLON, on my website (www.codidillon.com) as well as my social media pages!

Instagram – @codi.Dillon

Twitter – @TheCodiDillon

Facebook – CodiDillonMusic

As well as listen to me on SPOTIFY & APPLE MUSIC.

Join me on this journey and the world of CØLLUSIØN.

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