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Interview with Life Coach/Entrepreneur Jill Valdez

Hi Jill! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us!

Please tell us about your week so far?   

My week has been amazing so far! LINK, my company, isn’t able to support me full-time (yet!) so I supplement my income with work at a hospice agency. I just switched companies for a different role, and the switch allowed me to take yesterday off. I spent the day writing out my dream, and put a date on it – which makes it a goal – with the steps and actions required and then set my 30/60/90 day goals. Today was the first day in my new hospice role and I’m very excited about the people I will be working with, as well as the care I get to provide.

What is the biggest game-changer in your career so far?  

The biggest game-changer for my career was a meeting I had with a good friend of mine four years ago. I had just left a position at a toxic organization and I thought I was going to start working with her as a life coach.  It became very evident to both of us that it was not the right thing to do … I still needed to get better from my recent work experience and I simply was not ready to help others. That meeting was the catalyst for me to finish school, which prompted me to get a job in my field, which then introduced me to an employer who told me to start my own agency providing solutions for companies to improve performance and productivity.

What is the first thing on your mind in the morning?  

Coffee! And then I go through my morning routine getting ready to make the most of each day.

What do you see as the most important habits of successful people? 

The most important habit of successful people is to think about each day and ask themselves 3 questions: What went right? What went wrong? What was missing? From that evaluation, they can determine how the next day can be better. Successful people with this habit will find contentment from celebrating what went right, opportunity from admitting what went wrong, and enlightenment from discovering what was missing.

When do you feel the most vulnerable? 

I feel the most vulnerable when a situation has the potential for making me look weak. Typically I am the only woman at a table and I’ve worked hard to prove that I can keep up. I don’t see weakness in others as a flaw, but I certainly see it as such in myself.

Any clients who stand out for you this year?  

Yes!  A company contracted with me to coach their new sales associate hire. It’s been thrilling to see her discover her strengths and the confidence to try new things. I also had the opportunity to conduct a conference for a leadership team that just hired a new executive director. The outcome was an even greater increase of buy-in by the team, with excitement about the future of the organization.

Hardest challenge you have had to overcome?  

The hardest challenge I’ve had to overcome was to not turn into a bitter person after being with a company that was horrific! I was treated horribly and could justify my anger. But if I turn into a bitter person, I become just like the people who were in that organization. Still, every once in awhile, I think about what happened there and it makes me mad. It’s ok to be mad for a bit, but I can’t allow myself to wallow there.

How do you find your peace?  

I am a person of faith. The practices of my faith center me, providing great peace.

Which platforms are you most active on and how do our readers stay connected with you? 

I am most active on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jillvaldezlink/) and I would love for people to connect with me there.

They can also send me an email to start a conversation to:


Thank you for your time!!

For Press Inquiries: bsquaredmgmt@gmail.com

End of Interview

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