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Interview with The Keymakers

Hello Keymakers! You have released your third single California in the Sun – tell us the inspiration behind this song.

Rome: Hey! This song is about escape – breaking from whatever it is we all need to break from – and doing it with the person that means the most to us. Pretty much all of our songs are inspired by our relationships and experiences (and those that we see around us), but this one is even more personal. When we were kids we road tripped to California from Pittsburgh and we both vividly remember driving down the PCH. It was amazing. Once we had the concept for the song, we knew that was the perfect setting for it.

You also announced a tour coming in 2020! Congrats! What are you most excited about being on the road and sharing your music?

Red: Thank you! Honestly – just being able to play our music for people and vibe off the crowd. We’ve only been at this together for a couple of years, and while we’ve played a couple of shows, we haven’t had a chance to craft a set like what we have prepared for this tour. Playing our original music and a BUNCH of other tunes we’ve cultivated for actual faces and fans in the crowd AND being able to do it all over the country, it’s going to be an absolute blast.

Do you have plans for new music? Any details you can share?

Rome: Always! This EP was a lot to put together and a huge milestone for us, so we may take a couple of months off in terms of official releases, but we’re always working on something. We have a remix that we did for an artist that we’re VERY excited about which will be coming out sometime in February, and we’re also going to be putting out remixes to at least a few of the Spectra tracks in the first quarter of the year. After that, it’s right back to a steady stream of originals.

If you had a super power – what would it be?

Red: The ability to stop time.

Rome: Time control, 100% (we answered these separately we promise)

Tell us what would be a good theme song for your life?

Red: Taylor Gang by Wiz Khalifa

Rome: Underwater by RÜFÜS DU SOL

Looking ahead – where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Rome: Warmer. We’re moving to California this summer so that’s the first thing. But seriously, doing exactly what we’re doing right now but a LOT more of it. Right now we still have to hold down our 9-5 jobs to make this all work – and we constantly dream of just being able to invest 100% of ourselves into this. We have loved every moment of our journey so far, but we know we still have a long way to go before we feel satisfied, and we work every day to get there. Playing bigger shows, connecting with more fans, collaborating with more artists, and just making better music, that’s always the goal.

Tell us where to follow and support you online!

Red: First follow us on Instagram (@thekeymakers). We absolutely love connecting with our fans and try and meet every single new follower. That’s the best place to chat with us and stay up to date. Beyond that, check us out wherever you stream music here (http://bit.ly/WeAreTheKeymakers) and stay up to date on our live shows here (http://bit.ly/thekeymakerslive) so you can come hang out and rock with us! We appreciate it.


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