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Isle&fever – They “Keep Workin” in their basement

“Keep Workin” is isle&fever‘s first release of 2017 and the first of 3 summer singles.The track has a steady and hard kick drum beat marking the pass for a groovy bass line. Then everything else dances around that. The band creates original songs from their basement studio control center. The method is simple and fluid: pass around vintage instruments and the mic until a vibe catches. Rinse and repeat. In the process, each song becomes an adventure, often comprised of many parts that rarely look back.

Isle&fever are Donald Eley and Tiger Smith, who share a passion for the beat-driven classics of the 70’s and 80’s, while constantly embracing the new sonic textures of the 21st Century.  They first started playing together in The Sea of Cortez and then founded the project Blacks&.  isle&fever will be releasing their debut EP in 2017, which will be available on all online stores and in vinyl format.

Enough talk, here’s the track, let’s get jamming!


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