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IVATU gets cold and bleak in their single “I’m Her”

The music is beautiful, akin to falling snow. The video itself is dark enough to make a Black Metal band proud. The end result is quite riveting.

With “I’m Her” the Russian trio IVATU manages to seamlessly blend darkwave, trip-hop, and poetry into a song that slowly gains strength, always keeping the attention on the vocals. The music is low-key and delicate until about two minutes and a half into the track, where it starts to gain a little more energy.  The best way to describe the entire track is cold. Very cold. As in “An expanse of snow and ice, beautiful, but it can kill you”

The video for “I’m Her” is on a whole other level than what we’re used to seeing, with the cinematography, the colors being intense, movements of the characters are slow, and the entire video fits the music like a glove on a hand. It is all barbed wire, snow and digging, all reflecting a kind of despair. Throughout this, vocalist Eava is singing.

IVATU  is a Moscow based band formed in 2016 by multi-instrumentalist Aaron, poetess Eava (Russian House of Literature), and a producer Pavel. Their sounds cover trip-hop, darkwave and instrumental, and if “I’m Her” is a good indicative, they manage to transmit a lot of passion and influences through their music.

Let’s watch the video for “I’m Her” by IVATU and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

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