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Always_Jack Massic

Jack Massic brings us “Always”, summer music with an awesome video

The latest summer music trend is here, and it is called “Always”. With a mid-summer release, Jack Massic’s track will soon be heard in every pool and beach side bar.

The single “Always” is a laid back tropical house track and is full of feel-good, sing-along moments. Featuring the talented vocals of Junior, an amazing vocalist from L.A with a background in R’n’B, the track transmits a powerful message: Love doesn’t have limits.

“Always”  will be released on July 14th, and is accompanied by a beautiful and emotionally stirring video. The short film features two young brothers that, despite their financial and social situation, always maintain utmost love for each other, and manage to build themselves a fully functional bicycle from scraps, just depending on themselves and hard work. The video distances itself from the cliches of party and partial nudity that other videos of the genre seem to depend on, to amazing results. The end product warms one’s heart, while dancing along to the music.

While Here at Too Much Love we don’t tend to share a lot of House music (let alone tropical house) the video alone was worthy enough for the share, and the fact that it’s a tropical house track with no mention of ass and party makes me happy.

Check it out and show some love!

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