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Jacob Giaimo’s EP Alchemy

“Queen” speaks to the listener in a way that feels like a movie. The soul of the song is deep, fleshed out in a bayou of marshy blues and reverb riffs. The camera turns slowly to the funkified, deep barrel of a voice laced with moonshine and the finest shot of whiskey that an Alexander Hamilton can buy. Weaving up again, the camera hits to a funky, bassline that throbs like a bluesy escape. It’s Orlando in the evening. It’s naughty and it feels like an escape.

It’s from singer/songwriter Jacob Giaimo, an Orlando-born artist now based in Los Angeles. “Queen” is a sultry tune from Giaimo’s EP Alchemy. Incredibly distinctive, Giaimo sings like a crooner that has lived the last 10 months in the cigar bars of Havana and carries the same bravado as a bull fighter. From the first note, “Queen” sweats cool.

“Me, you and the bedsheets, nothing left to prove, just me, you and the moon,” sings Giaimo. He continues “you’ve got rhythm, you’ve got soul…what I need for you is to make sure you fill my cup…at least I have my queen.” It’s like he’s making sure that he’s getting back the same effort and affections that he’s giving her. He doesn’t want to be used and he wants to feel loved. Choose someone that builds you up, fills and doesn’t take. He slides along the song, his voice growly and ribbed. He throws in a few expletives here and there, not much. It fits the tone, captures the moment and the song’s grit. It’s enough to make the song be PG-13.  The guitar work is infectious, and to be royally adored. While listening to this track, the sense is that both sunset and sunrise are colliding. The songwriter has been in those bedsheets for days on end, and nothing else matters but the two people in the room. As a listener, you’re a speck on the wall, a fly on the drawn shades waiting for a peek for the bodies in motion. Giaimo’s voice tattoos itself to the listener in “Queen”. His guitar, bleeding with energy of melodic highs and cobalt blues. It cries and reaches higher and higher to match the euphoric body rhythms.

URL: https://www.jacobgiaimo.com/

The song runs like a hemi across the highway, windows down and a man who’s love for his woman is projected on the sky’s throne. The percussive beats ever so softly. It’s Giaimo’s voice and guitar that does the grinding. His artistry professes the love he has for this woman and her hold over him is tangible.

Music fans that dig Bruce Springsteen, Muddy Waters, Songs About Jane-era Maroon 5, Gary Clark Jr. and Mumford & Sons are required to listen to Tony Giaimo. “Queen” is remarkably dynamic and roots rock all-at-once. I felt the electricity in Giaimo’s voice and the song is considerably head over heels better than the majority of the music being played on most current radio stations. Listen. Now. “Queen” is the hit of the summer.

John McCall

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