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Taylor Castro

“Jade” – A new Gem by Taylor Castro

Atlanta-based Floridian Taylor Castro is one of those mind-boggling multitalented performers who seem to just have been born under that right lucky star that makes artistically gifted individuals. It’s not all just “gifts” of course, there’s a ton of hard work that goes into developing one’s talent. Taylor is an actress, a singer, scriptwriter, and a songwriter to boot, one whose literary approach to a song can very easily dunk your head in the scenarios she seems to weave with terrifying ease.On the acting side, Taylor can be seen in aseries of cult films such as Boyfriend Killer, Girlfriend Killer, and Dream Killer.

2020-21 have been brilliant for T.C. The young talent put out her acclaimed second album “Girl, Afraid”, winning “Best Female Vocalist” at the Hollywood Music & Media Awards this year and even ranking on the top 25 of Billboard’s Adult Contemporary charts with the single “Muse with a Dagger”.

Today, Taylor Castro -An avid Storyteller-, takes us on a journey back to her childhood and early teens with “Jade”. A song about the birth, bloom, and eventual downfall of a life-changing friendship. Through this new single, Castro explores how the changes in perspective that one goes through during the transition into adulthood can drive a wedge between people who are no longer the same as when they first met.

The song takes on strong themes of reminiscence and even a bit of regret, as it walks back into the setting of Castro’s earlier life in an all-too-relatable narrative of adventures and fun experiences. Curiously enough, though this track is all about looking towards the past, it also promises about the future, as she feels like she’s finally discovered *her* sound after years of trying out different approaches. The end result of Taylor’s musical soul-searching is one that comes out with strong hints of melancholic Americana Flavor that really punch up her roomy Contralto vocals in unexpected ways, giving a rustic edge to an otherwise pop-driven performer.



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