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Jared Finck’s “New Kids (SEAWAVES remix)”


There’s a dark cloud that’s lingering over a wet, pre-dawn morning that just won’t seem to go away. It isn’t a new sight to see, but it’s become one that no one really cares to deal with any longer. The shadow it casts onto the city below has become too much for the people who dwell in it to handle any longer, and it’s decided that something must be done to shred this cloud into a million little pieces so we can once again bask in the loving glory of the sun. The first few seconds of Jared Finck’s “New Kids (SEAWAVES remix)” are perhaps its most thought provoking and evocative, but for those who intend to see its story through, it’s merely the beginning of a new day that will be conquered by those brave enough to face it.

The warm hum of a synthesized tidal wave rises from the silence and is peppered with the colorful accent of an endearing melody that recalls the music of the ancients. Tiny notes scatter and cascade from above like ash falling from a sky after the fireworks start to fade, and suddenly Finck and his commanding voice are carrying us upward and into the heavens from which the debris is originating. There isn’t any time for us to be afraid of the unknown that awaits us, and even though the prospect of taking this adventure with little more than Finck’s intuition as a compass is more than daunting, we’re reassured that we’re safe as long as we cling tightly to the soothing, growing melody that’s floating all around us.

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3w5Vd4aoBBbAZET3ezprIu?si=pkz5MmNFSU65nSN-0_y9TQ

“It’s our time to break away, it’s ours to reach out and take” Finck sings to us, in a desperate plea for us to look ahead and see just what is suffocating the world from which we’re departing in this song. Our eyes are forced open under the girth of his cries, and we are made to face the apathy and indifference that has led to the cataclysmic fate we’re staring down in 2018. Guns, wars, dictators and power-mad villains threaten the very sanctity of life as we know it, but Finck isn’t scared. He isn’t even blinking. Instead he’s rousting the troops to storm the homeland once more and return it to its rightful owners – the people.

The tempo of the song intensifies as we plod our way through its white hot demands for action, and by the time we reach its textured oasis halfway through the track we’ve become so ignited with a lust for rebellion that breaking away from the pace that we started the track with seems essentially pointless. “New Kids (SEAWAVES remix)” has got to be the most thrilling protest song to have reached the mass population this year, and what it lacks in sonic dexterity it makes up for with sheer soul. As a journalist and as a music fan, I live for the music that makes us think more than it makes us dance, but in what can only be described as an immaculate alignment of the planets, Jared Finck and SEAWAVES have managed to give birth to both in the form of this stellar single.

John McCall

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