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Jeni Schapire’s “Learn The Lie” (Single)

One of the key themes in Jeni Schapire’s new album, What’s In A Name, is identity. After years of performing and singing under the name Jennifer Rae, she is now using her birthname. Schapire, who grew up listening to Aretha Franklin, Pau Simon and Stevie Wonder, certainly exudes an ‘old soul’ to her sound. In her lead single, “Learn The Lie”, it’s a modern, twisting music bed and soulful vocals that elicit this most interesting singer /songwriter to emerge. She has a way to her, that coffeehouse vibe that can stop the sound of the espresso machine just as much as it can stop you in your tracks. “Learn The Lie” is an unveiling of an artist on her way to an evergreen career.

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Does Schapire identify who she is as a songwriter in “Learn The Lie”? Yes, very successfully. One of the key ingredients to her success in this track are the way the lyrics mesh with the backing music. Schapire sings with confidence, but she’s been used. I think the gist of the song is that she’s been involved with another musician and he wants to keep her on the side, not in front of anyone. If I’m just a voice and words on a page, how easy it is to leave me this way, she sings. No text…no kiss, no call, you planned your exit, she continues. Oooooh, learn the lie, oooo she hums in the chorus.

One of the most exciting things about Schapire is that when she’s really singing and harmonizing, her voice can crack the octaves and it feels like her heart is breaking. She really injects emotion with each note and in turn, the listener feels it. Her singing between the chorus is understated, but still mighty impressive. She can sometimes twirl the words, so it’s a bit hard to decipher exactly what’s she saying – this isn’t a bad thing –as a listener, I was mesmerized by the way her voice seemed to just collide with the backing music. I get the sense who she is an artist is also who she is as a person.

She’s very giving, but people can let her down and she goes with it because she doesn’t want to disrupt what she loves. I could be wrong on my theory, but “Learn The Lie” is the time when unfortunately one is rejected for no apparent reason other than the other person is a jerk.

APPLE MUSIC: https://music.apple.com/album/1529785032?app=itunes

Schapire now calls Nashville home after growing up in Princeton, New Jersey. “Learn The Lie” is a song that unexpectedly draws from modern EDM music beats and merges Schapire’s sultry voice; it catapults Schapire into the conversation and adds fodder to an artist that is willing to give her all into her work. Schapire’s voice can’t be manufactured in the studio, she’s the real deal. Listeners wanting to delve deep into their own emotions will certainly draw inspiration from Schapire’s words and example. “Learn The Lie” and Jeni Schapire should be on everyone’s radar.

John McCall

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