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Jess Jones takes on life’s chances in “Roll The Dice”

Text by: Olivia McAuley


LA based singer/songwriter Jess Jones released “Roll The Dice” today, August 17th, her latest single, and a heartfelt and uplifting track. While the melodically rich song has a fresh, playfulness to it, Jones doesn’t forget the depth of her folk roots, and the vulnerability of her lyrics: the story of her own personal journey of transformation, resonates in her earthy tonality.

The track lays bare the artists soul, the song essentially being the autobiographical story of her move from upstate New York to LA to start her career as a musician. While the acoustic guitar and catchy beat has a Mumford and Sons, foot stomping quality to it, there is a delicateness to the melody and to Jone’s voice.

The effect is a capturing intimacy, making one lean in a little like your listening to an epic saga around a campfire. With this balance of musical vulnerability and cleverly rhythmic instrumentals,  “Roll The Dice” rapidly becomes fun and dynamic folk tinged tune.  Jones beautifully explores the concept of taking oneself out of your comfort zone and taking the chances you have to take in life:

“In ‘Roll the Dice’ I share how I like to take chances. I moved out to Los Angeles on a whim, I knew no one and had to find a place to stay. I forced myself to go out alone to shows and bars to meet people when I first moved here even though it made me uncomfortable. The last line of the bridge “I don’t wanna go but I don’t wanna stay” refers to my constant battle with the thought of going home (and giving up) and leaving Los Angeles.” – Jess Jones

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