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Jimmy shares controversial video inspired in opioid epidemic

Smile is simply a reaction to the corporations who perpetuate addiction as a pillar of business

New York based musician Jimmy brings light into an increasingly worrying social problem that the U.S. is facing, the opioid epidemic. In his second single, “Smile,” he combines beautiful melodies with multilayered instrumentation, and vocals that are reminiscent of David Bowie and Devendra Banhart.

“Smile” feels like wandering into a misty dream. An almost eerie soundscape, the track is as dark as it is vulnerable and sets the groundwork for Jimmy’s commentary. He explains, “I tried to throw myself into the fucked-up dream that is the opioid epidemic in the United States and capture what I could of its hazy and ironically self-destructive fantasy.” 

The video for the single is rather disturbing but excellent executed, adding a visual component and even more substance to the subject of the song.  It was directed by Brian Hose and starring Mor Cohen, who does an amazing job in portraying a dominating and spine-chilling character.

“I didn’t write Smile because I’d found any answers and writing it hasn’t afforded me any catharsis. Smile is simply a reaction to the corporations who perpetuate addiction as a pillar of business, to all the trendy marketing campaigns of the tobacco, alcohol, and pharmaceutical industries with their side effects in fine print or sped-up voice-overs, and the innocent souls on the other side of a rigged transaction.”

Watch the video below!

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