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John Hilsen renders lyrics useless with “Paracosm”

John Hilsen reminds us that, as useful and complex as words can be in music, they are not strictly necessary. Not in the least. “Paracosm” is a solo piano piece that has, in his own words, a “melancholic yet hopeful feel.” To me, it is a flashback to certain Miyazaki animations, when there are no words, just visuals and music, and that is enough.  The song is delicate, and through ups and downs makes people truly appreciate the beauty of simplicity. One instrument is more than enough.

John Hilsen has the very respectable goal to make instrumental music for people who don’t think they like instrumental music. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, he uses the lack of words to make these tracks into a personal soundtrack, adaptable to everyone. John also recommends his music for studying, but most definitely not for French Toast making. Here at Too Much Love we’re going to take his word for this last one and not attempt it.

Check out “Paracosm” here.

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