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Joyann Parker Releases “Out of the Dark” (SINGLE/VIDEO)

Filled with moxie not found anywhere else but the most elite channels of the music world, the vocal Joyann Parker puts forth in her new single “Out of the Dark” is reason enough to check out the song’s parent album this summer. Along with the much-buzzed “Carry On,” this title track from Parker’s new LP is a definitive showcase of her talents as a singer and arranger, and perhaps one of the most well-rounded performances to join her discography. There’s an old-world charm to her delivery that’s balanced by her buxom melodicism, but don’t get it twisted – hers is a truly modern take on vocal pop’s best qualities.

Official Website: https://www.joyannparker.com/

The piano’s spirit is unique and independent from the vocal in “Out of the Dark,” and were it not given as much of the spotlight as it was in this arrangement, I can’t say for certain whether or not it would still sound as inviting and soulful as it does in this instance. Old-guard soul is as big an influence on this player’s sound as straight vocal pop is – that much is obvious even when casually listening to this track – and Parker isn’t denying us any part of her unfiltered emotionality through its lens here.

This rhythm conveys the heaviness of the verses more than the actual execution Parker’s utilizing ever could, which isn’t to discount her pace in this performance at all. On the contrary, I would argue that her using the beat to stack the passion as high as we can handle it is only further proof of her eminence as a songwriter and performer, the latter of which I’d like to witness her be in person sometime. This is a sound made for the stage, and “Out of the Dark” is a song born to be sung before a live audience.

The music video for this track has a very classic feel to it, but we aren’t forced to sit with a lot of plaintive rusticity simply in the name of solidifying the retro feel of the music. One of my favorite things about Joyann Parker is her resistance towards filler of any kind, and this especially applies to the way she approaches a music video. This isn’t quite a barebones release, but there’s no debating whether or not she kept any and all unnecessary fat on the sidelines from the get-go.

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/out-of-the-dark/1544616827

I think it is impossible to hear a performance like that which Parker gives us in this single without getting some degree of chills, and judging from the warm reception this track and the album it shares a name with are enjoying this July, other critics agree with me. There haven’t been many standards singers to strike that sweet balance between retro musicianship and modern charisma and rebelliousness, but I think Joyann Parker is one we need to watch for this very reason. She has something that no one else around her does, and it’s driving this single into the hearts of countless pop fans this year.

John McCall

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