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Justina Valentine’s new music video for the single “Lucky You”

Even in the depths of outer space, a sexy beat and sensuous melodies as delivered by a talented songstress still hold enough weight to get you what you need to survive, and if you didn’t already know this, Justina Valentine’s new music video for the single “Lucky You” is more than happy to inform you. As cosmetically provocative as it is compositionally unique, “Lucky You” isn’t you run of the mill pop track by any measurement, but instead an interesting amalgamation of electronica and contemporary (danceable) surrealism that should have both music aficionados and club-goers very stimulated this season.

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The beat here is admittedly the most intense component of the mix, but it’s more hypnotic in its stylization than it is particularly abrasive. There’s plenty of weight to the bass element in “Lucky You,” but I like that Valentine was more concerned with pumping up the percussion on the backend than she was any low-end tonalities towards the top of the mix. That’s what separates the pop crossovers from the hardcore, rave-centric EDM coming out of the American underground, and more than this, I think it was a really smart move in terms of marketing and catering to a much wider audience than the club crowd would allow for.

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This vocal harmony is rather rigid and aesthetically conflictive with the instrumental groove, creating an eroticized chaos that is channeled into some sinful imagery in the music video and even more boisterous beats from the drums than we already would have had, but for those of us with a taste for the loud n’ proud in 2020, it couldn’t be a more enticing cocktail. Valentine knows we want to sweat as much as we want to experience the sophistication of her approach to the melody in the music here, and to her credit, she’s gotten exceptionally better at balancing the two in the past six years.

The music video for “Lucky You” is essentially designed to be an extension of the cerebral influences we hear in the song itself, and without getting too hung up on the natural whimsy of the imagery, I think it does a really good job of accomplishing what its creator set out to do here. Electronic pop would be nothing without a little bit of fun and humility within the soul of its artistry, and instead of taking herself so seriously that the end result is overtly arrogant – as has been the unfortunate reality with some of the similarly-stylized content I’ve reviewed lately – Valentine is doing the opposite here and sounding like a hero for it.

As I have examined the bones of “Lucky You” a few more times since first hearing it just this past September, I’ve felt more and more like it’s an uncompromising and fresh look from a burgeoning star in the making who doesn’t need a lot of synthetic assistance to look like a true professional. Justina Valentine is an amazingly talented player, and here, she isn’t letting her swelling rep come between her and a good time with the audience.

John McCall

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