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Keary Kase Drops New Single, “Remember The Time”

If there were ever such a thing as doing too much in a hip-hop track, such a concept just isn’t a reality in the modern age of the genre, which is championed by those who are constantly willing to push themselves and their music a little further to the left of conventionality than their forerunners would have ever thought to. Keary Kase is a player who isn’t satisfied playing to the beat of a generational drum just for the sake of fitting in with the popular kids, and through his defiant attitude, a song like “Remember the Time” becomes so much more than another indie transmission you should listen to this June.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KearyKase

“Remember the Time” plays, feels, and compositionally resembles a neo-psychedelic indie rock tune that’s been remixed to support the verses of a nimble rapper, but at the same time, I’m hesitant to call it a hybrid track specifically. It’s got too much of a curated centerpiece in its harmony to feel so steeped in fusion features that it wouldn’t be able to satisfy puritan fans of hip-hop as well as those with a slightly more eclectic taste, and yet the elements comprising it know no counterparts on the mainstream end of the aesthetical spectrum.

The surreal melodic points of interest here are one thing, but this avant-garde production style Kase is utilizing would benefit the artsy side of most any performer’s sound, let alone one as nonconformist in practice as this young man’s is. This is a musician who values the framing a good studio game plan can afford his wildest, most creative ideas – no matter how elaborate or simplistic in structure they might be. Now it’s just a matter of getting him the limitless toolbox he’ll require to get the most out of his talents, or at least a proper venue in which to shine like the star he can become.

Not enough rap fans have been spinning Keary Kase’s music this year, but with the arrival of “Remember the Time” and “Sorry Now,” the latter of which features Mic Crenshaw in a noteworthy guest appearance, I think he has a good shot at getting some of the respect from critics and listeners that has been evading his career thus far. There’s no tougher market to win over right now anywhere in the world, but among those whom I’m following in the American underground hip-hop community this summer, not many have captured my attention as much as this skillful multi-instrumentalist has.

John McCall

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