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Kim Divine

Kim DiVine drops new album

By: Terry Smith

The latest album by Kim DiVine “This Time Around” debuted at #8 on the iTunes singer/songwriter chart and continues to sit on the Recent Releases’ Bestsellers list. That’s just one page in the story of her music that dates back a while, so there’s new and old stories in her career. But moving forward is where this album and fresh new single “Broken Bird (Klvr Grl Remix)” are taking Kim after a few serious bumps in the road, and becoming a mom which is all the current buzz that brings out the playful side of the song for a soothing version that anyone can agree is more enjoyable with Klvr Grl’s magic on it.

To catch up on Kim, her life took on some changes after recording this album, which held her back before releasing it and letting go of the past. In recent weeks, as she re-visited the music, it no longer felt complete. She picked up her guitar and out poured a new song written for her mom, “Where I Am You Are.” She also entrusted talented producer Klvr Grl to remix “Broken Bird” and it was a good way to lift the track to where it belongs. It provides that extra groove of energy to turn it from a sad to more of a happy song. Her vocals are so good, it only helps to tap your toes to it.

The sophisticated loops have a droning effect and it’s all very seamless that you have-to praise Klvr Grl for charming up the track to a colossal extent. It’s not something you’re going to hear from every remix you hear. It’s four times the sound of the original tune, with another six times on top of that. And that is not to claim that is improves the song, but it does release an alternate track with the same vocals, even though some lines get understandably repeated as part of the remixing process. But you get two pieces of music instead of only one, and it could be good for exposing to more airplay across more platforms.

The album did debut high on the iTunes proper chart, so it’s not like it hasn’t already garnered popularity, but it’s such a wildly different piece of work for the original that another audience can eat like cake for all it’s worth too.  Just when she ends a verse, the mix takes over and drones her voice out to a silky degree and you don’t know where it starts or ends because the mix is so seamless, also as mentioned already. If any description is not enough, her story is on the internet along with a mass assortment of achievements, including the latest JELL-O jingle. It might just be likely that you’ve heard her voice.

It is possible to be heard outside the normal platforms and not even know it, and that’s what doing such jingles can also achieve. One thing’s for sure, you know Kim DiVine’s voice when you hear it, and you don’t want to turn it even if it’s not your cup of tea, as that’s all I can see that ever being with such a magnificent singer/songwriter. I was not only captivated by her voice, but her story from beginning to end is also worth knowing, as well as getting to know her songs and keeping an ear to her from here out, as music goes in as many directions as the world keeps slicing it. This is as good a voice as they come.

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