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Kin Klavé

Kin Klavé takes us east with “Dancing with Hanuman”

Kin Klavé‘s latest single “Dancing with Hanuman” is eclectic, fun, mysterious, and heavily influenced by classical Indian music and downtempo. Organic textures, lots of bass and driving drums make a solid foundation to go musically creative, and that is exactly what happens. Strings, vocal samples, bells,  and a few other synthy (I know this is technically  not a word in English, but the shoe fits, so we’re using it) sounds make it feel like you’re getting a crash course on an Indian market place.

Kin Klavé is a UK based music producer who crafts experimental Electronic music with a strong acoustic influence. Having toured extensively throughout Europe as both a Death Metal drummer and a technician for the Grammy Award winning guitarist Albert Lee (Everly Brothers), it is clear that Kin Klavé’s explorative musical background is driven by a curiosity towards a broad spectrum of styles. Rather than stick to any preconceived form of music, his sounds are inspired by Jazz, World, Ambient and Experimental music, as well as an array of electronic genres such as Downtempo, Instrumental, House and Dubstep.

Check out “Dancing with Hanuman” here!

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