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KLANGPLANET’s “Infinity” will take you far, far away

As the title says, “Infinity” by KLANGPLANET is a round trip to behind the stars and back. In the sonic equivalent of a yacht. The track is smooth and complex, with new sounds and instruments coming in every measure or two, letting your mind wander and enjoy. The track is a great example of how to keep it chill without getting boring. The music is soft, but the underlying beat makes a grab for your attention, keeping a cool groove going on.

KLANGPLANET is Frieder Mollat solo project, a special one for him since he has been involved in the music business since the mid 90’s but only now is he releasing his own take on the electronic music so well known in Europe.Using minimal vibes as a stylistic framework merging with field-recordings from different surroundings he is creating a musical journey and sound mélange instead of one particular element standing out in the composition.

“KLANGPLANET stands for melodic Deep House music with a nice Downtempo Chill Out flavor”.

Check it out here!

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