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Koresma Dedicates “Turquoise” to His Mother

You might know that we have shared Koresma (Ryan Lindberg) multiple times by now. This artist is quite special as he tries to give a humanistic approach to electronic music. His latest song “Turquoise” is a bit more guitar driven than his previous ones but the message behind it is beautiful. Not everybody is lucky enough to have a good relationship with their mother but Ryan does and this inspired him to write a song for her.

“For as long as I can remember I have associated the color Turquoise with my Mom, as it was her favorite color. When I started producing the song I just kept seeing the color Turquoise in my minds eye and naturally that made me think of my Mom. What better way to bring more meaning to the music than to connect with the person who gave you life.”

Originally from Florida, Lindberg now lives in Asheville, North Carolina. Koresma has played shows in the Southeast with Emancipator, Astronautica, and played Kinnection festival as well. His singles “Bridges” and “The Overlook” charted at #1 on Hype Machine. Koresma has received over two million plays on Spotify. Creating music serves as a type of cathartic release and self exploration for Koresma with the hope that the music connects people from all backgrounds together.

Check him out on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Listen to “Turquoise” bellow:

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