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KRON takes us to the “Arcane Sanctuary”

Put your gundam suit on and get ready for immersion into the electronic world! KRON is back with “Arcane Sanctuary”, and they are once again taking us into the strange, fascinating world of analog electronic music! The track is groovy, danceable and pretty dark. It sits right on the border of industrial, psytrance and deep house, with a bunch of other influences and winks thrown in. All that we know is that the machine overlords command us to dance, and dance we shall!

KRON are an electronic outfit from LA that are the equivalent of the bad man in a van offering candy to kids,  except that they tease us music fans with an enviable array of analog equipment. Enough to make any mad scientist attempt to take over the world.  C’mon, if this is the live set up, my envy muscles hurt at thinking about the studio.

Kron will be releasing their latest EP, with this track included…TOMORROW! So make sure to go to their page and show some love, maybe buy a track or something. Artists live off a diet of support, did you not know that? Food is just for us regular people.

Also, like the previous post we did about KRON, they support their tracks with awesome videos!

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