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Lauria – “Losing Me”

By: Loren Sperry

Like an open journal, Montreal’s Lauria is unfolding her emotions in the peculiarly
pleasant “Losing Me.” Set upon a strangely hypnotic music bed, the Canadian
songstress propels at first, a mundane, run-of-the-mill music offering into a bright and
charismatic song debut. This pop-R&B-flavored song is a worthy opponent for today’s
hottest tracks.

Leave your dancing shoes at home – this one is a slower ballad. While the song’s
orchestration has a resting beat and an enigmatic array of airy waves and modern tones,
“Losing Me” is as simple as it gets in terms of isolated vocals. Lauria’s remarkable voice
is intriguing; you’re not sure if she falls more into the R&B genre or with a slight folksy,
yet worldly vocal presentation, she’s paving the way for straight pop. You think you might
get Sarah McLachlan and you instead get a hybrid of Sia and Erykah Badu and SZA.
This song could have just as easily been performed to a solo piano, but like Photoshop,
the music ads some blood orange hues of electricity and splashes of mesmerizing pink
grapefruit reverb. The music drifts in-and-out of Lauria’s vocals like an everlasting hug. A
band doesn’t back Lauria and that’s what makes this song all the more interesting and
intriguing. And satisfying.

While sifting through her vocals and the accompanying music bed, her lyrics are both
explicit and relatable. “Losing Me” could fall into a few areas of meaning. I think it’s about
losing a relationship and the attitude of ‘it’s their loss.’ She even sings, “At the end of the
day, you’re losing me.” Perhaps it could also associate with a song about keeping who
you are, your personality and your spirit in a relationship. Either way, you don’t get too
caught up in the meaning of this song. At least I didn’t.

From start to finish, “Losing Me” is an engaging song. I felt like the chorus is subtle, yet
potent. Again, it falls into the chill and relaxed vibe. I’m not sure how this song would
come across in a live setting, but I imagine Lauria would excel on a more intimate stage.
Not necessarily an open mic night, but I’m thinking this song to be playing at a bar and
the whole crowd turns it head and there’s a collective hush to hear her sing. She’s show
stopping, for sure. There’s a underlying magic in this song that is hard to pinpoint, but
know that it’s worth diving into. Lauria seems like a very relatable and approachable
artist – something all audiences appreciate.

I found myself wanting more…and the more I listened to the song, the more I wanted to
hear additional tracks. Lauria has certainly gotten off to a mighty start. I will be anxious
to find out more about this young college student and her art. Some listeners might find it
necessary to marinate on this song, and listen to a few times before they dig the vibe. I
must give strong kudos to Lauria and her fascinating song “Losing Me.”

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