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LBM’s New Single “Sinner”

Comprised of a visual scheme that reflects racing thoughts and an anxiety-ridden conscience we’ve all had at some point or another, the video for LBM’s single “Sinner” evolves much as the lyrical narrative of the song would suggest it should. Conceptually speaking, there’s a framework in play here reminiscent of NLE Choppa’s “Slide,” but it’s matched up with what I would deem a more fitting set of verses for the imagery we’re seeing. LBM’s flow is the primary reason to check this release out, but in terms of artistry, he isn’t hiding the provocative nature of his aesthetics – nor what he’d like to do with them next.


My boy has a hair-trigger vocal delivery in this track that I can see catching a lot of newcomers to his sound off guard. He’s got an urgency that almost supersedes the role of the bassline, but he’s not challenging his own instrumentation for supremacy over the hook; he already knows this is his spotlight to begin with. There’s confidence in LBM that I don’t hear out of many indie rappers in the game today, and given that it comes with a melodic feature in his work, he’s really got an edge over the competition this summer.

This hook almost has a nü metal-type feel that blends the distorted might of crossovers with a more contemporary sleekness we didn’t hear much of before the mid-2010s. It’s a component of this sound that I would love to hear LBM work into his music even more, and provided he doesn’t allow for the rock influence to overwhelm his hip-hop elements, I don’t think he’s going to run the risk of sounding outwardly campy in the way a lot of other players have lately. He’s not quite Mario Judah, but there’s a deeper hybrid in this man’s style just waiting to reveal itself to the world.

The melodic trappings in “Sinner” suggest a tremendous amount of depth that LBM is only scratching the surface of here, and if given a little more room to spread out, I think the foundations of this song could produce a straight-up concept album. He’s such a fresh face on the scene that it’s difficult to tell what he’s going to do in the next couple of years, but just from what we can learn from the recently-released sophomore effort Otherside, I think it’s safe to say that he’s not afraid to keep evolving, even if it’s before our very eyes and ears.

There’s still quite a bit we need to learn about LBM, but having just got hooked on the beats in “Sinner,” I’m excited to dive into his persona a little deeper in the years ahead. His talent is solid, his execution sublime, and his taste for surreal influences not nearly as fanboyish as what a lot of his peers have been demonstrating in their own work recently. “Sinner” is a dark track that brings us closer with its lack of bombast, and I doubt it’s going to be his last hit as an indie sensation (nor as a mainstream breakthrough).

John McCall

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