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Lecretia Ann Releases Two New Singles

Lecretia Ann has an easy listening quality but make no mistake this is a true country girl with authentic country songs but they’re also full of variety. “Does She Know” is the first single from Better Thangs, with “Roll It Up” also playing through this for even more to carry on about when it comes to Lecretia Ann’ music. This is a modern country artist but not the cheesy pop kind that has essentially become legend as of later, which involves no names worth mentioning it is just the principle. It’s not that it isn’t radio friendly in the process either.

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This artist can really belt out a tune, there is no denying it so why not say it and say it about the songs as well. She is a powerhouse but it’s not all, she is also very smooth and silky when called for, with a voice that will blow you away if you let it. Maybe it is just me, but I haven’t been this thrilled with any country female singers since the late 90s but I have heard most of the popular ones and a lot of the pop oriented ones too, and she’s simply a breath of fresh air.

The first thing I noticed was the sound of her voice and how she delivers a song without sounding like she is trying to sing a certain type of music, and what comes out of the natural musician. You can also tell her band are of the same ilk and the words follow in the same fashion with an overall relaxed but intense approach. I was captivated from the start, and even though Lecretia Ann is a modern artist, I hope you catch the nod to the greats such as Patsy Cline and the true country legends.

“Does She Know” start with some clean licks and gets right down to business without wasting any time, and you’re hooked right in. That’s a tall order but Lecretia Ann slays it and the song goes on to win you over with just one play, which I do encourage headphones at high volume for. The song is influenced by a love triangle situation from a show called The Young And The Restless, but Lecretia Ann sings it as if it is happening to her, rather than it being about the show. But I also had to look that up and it only helps describe that trivial factor bout an incredibly excellent song.

The contrast of “Roll it Up” is that Lecretia Ann gets to stretch out some more with her band, and if you delve more into the Better Thangs disc you’ll find that to be the case from song to song. “Roll It Up” is a romping track with a tougher side to her voice showing some of the raw power she is gifted with. The tempo goes up a few notches on this one, but it is placed at the end of eight other songs, finding these at opposite ends of a magnificent album.

John McCall

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