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Techno Producer Leitvox Gets “Under the Skin” With First Vinyl Release

Plenty of artists and musicians have been forced into isolation by COVID, but for Miami-based electronic artist Leitvox, a bit of alone time was all part of the plan. The Mexico-born musician aimed to work on his latest album, Under the Skin, all by himself, from production to mixing. Now, the techno-heavy record has been pressed to vinyl, and Leitvox is ready to hear it on the hottest club soundsystems around. We caught up with him to chat about the new record and more.

You worked on this record entirely by yourself, including mixing it alone. Was this because of COVID, or was there another reason? 

Actually, funnily enough, I decided to isolate myself and make a record right before COVID. I wanted to work by myself this time, as in the past I used to work in a collaborative way. For this record, I tried to project my sound and music with no external help, just me, the instruments, and the studio. 

How is this new process different from the highly collaborative process you worked with before? 

I really enjoyed it, but collaboration is also great. I believe that individual artists do have limitations, therefore we look to collaborate with people in some way. For example, I don’t sing (well, I sing a bit, but I’m terrible), I don’t play drums, and so on. So if I want to implement any of these elements into my music, I have to collaborate, and that can take a piece to another level. 

Let’s explore that a little more. How did you decide, for instance, who you wanted to rework your tracks on your last album Floating Promises

For my last album, I wanted to collaborate not only with different instrumentalists, but also with other producers. Having your tracks remixed by other producers is a great way to do that. So I talked to artists that I admire and that have a deep influence on my music, and it’s one of the reasons that the remixes worked well. GusGus, Ladytron, and Son Lux are some of the remixers, and I’m very thankful to have worked with them.

Would you return to that process in the future? Who would you like to collaborate with? 

For sure, collaboration is truly limitless, and that’s a great thing. At this stage of my music career, I would love to collaborate with more techno DJs and producers. During the last couple of years my music has been very influenced by techno. 


Tell us about the production. What equipment or software did you use while making the album? 

The production for this album was actually very old-fashioned. I used a few analogue synthesizers and recorded them with a computer, but the synthesizers were the central pieces, not the computer or software. I tried to stay out of the digital. My production used to be very reliant on the digital world, in fact my first EP Fall From You was produced only with software. I love both worlds, analog and digital.

Give us some details about the new vinyl. 

I’m very happy with how the artwork and the vinyl came out. I was very careful with the graphic design, and I was lucky to collaborate with some amazing artists. The cover is made by an artist based here in Miami, it was painted with airbrushes and then processed digitally. The whole package is a double vinyl that comes with a booklet of 12 different illustrations.

This is the first time you’ve released your music in a physical format. How does it feel? 

The vinyl was manufactured in Miami, where I live, and I was actually present to see them press it, it was an incredible experience. Digital can never give you that. It can give you other amazing tools, but not that feeling of a physical record.

You’ve said this record is a step in a more techno-oriented direction. Are you hoping to hear songs for the record in a club setting? 

I really hope so. One of the reasons I wanted to press it to vinyl was to share it with DJs among the techno scene. Now that things are getting back to normal, I will be playing in a few clubs.

Stream Under The Skin below, and get your vinyl copy at Sweat Records and Technique Records





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