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light entertainment

Light Entertainment – “Ultra Violet Uganda” is a full house on it’s own.

“Ultra Violet Uganda” is the latest single by the Australians Light Entertainment,  and as songs go, this one has pretty much everything. It’s jazz, rock,  and swing. Thrown some dance into the mix and a pinch of dark goth style, and viola! We now ave this! “Ultra Violet Uganda” is very reminiscent to David Bowie, in the sense that they use a lot of instruments, fearlessly and all at the same time, to create that chaotic yet harmonic sound that Bowie was known to have popularized. High praise!

Light Entertainment is from Sydney, Australia. The 5 piece plays “Apocalyptic Lounge”, a genre that I have decided I like after having discovered it by listening to this band for the first time shortly before writing this. The lyrics of “Ultra Violet Uganda” are upbeat, eccentric and dark. The sound is grand, fulfilling. I’d love to see them perform with someone like Diablo Swing Orchestra or someone like that. A fun, dark night.

Enough with the chatter! Check them out here!

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