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Lila Blue releases “Half of It” (single)

Lila Blue has made some really captivating music in the last five years that have gone by since the release of her 2015 LP Lucille, and in the new music video for her single “Half of It,” she embarks on the most mature stretch of her journey to stardom so far. “Half of It” is a lyrical gem, powered by little more than its colorful poetry and the profound vocal responsible for weaving it into verses for us, and while this isn’t the first time that Blue has shown us what she can accomplish with a black and white formula, it could well be her most virtuosic take on pop minimalism to date.

PRIMARY URL: https://www.lilabluemusic.com/

Instrumentally speaking, there’s a lot of texture to both the video and the track that does a lot of the heavy lifting in terms of getting a point, and moreover, a particular mood across to us in this single. Although based on a conservative compositional approach, “Half of It” has a grandiosity to its heavenly harmonies that ultimately makes it the memorable pop tune it is instead of just another easy-listening song in a long string of robustly inviting releases from one Lila Blue.

If what I’m hearing and seeing in the video for “Half of It” is in fact on par with what we can collectively expect to encounter from Lila Blue in the 2020’s, then I’ll be eagerly awaiting more content bearing her much-respected moniker in the next couple of years. This track is a sleeping giant; by the time its mightiest of melodies has been awakened, we’re powerless to stop the onslaught of harmonies that come pouring out of the stereo on the back of Blue’s bittersweet singing. It’s a homerun for this artist, and a great acquisition for anyone who loves indie pop and the boundless emotions it can evoke.

John McCall

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