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Lindsey Cohen – Distance Makes Me Sensitive EP

Lindsey Cohen, a New York native and Columbia University student, embellishes us with her recent experiences with the debut of her sophomore EP, Distance Makes Me Sensitive. Before dismissing her as just another indie-pop starlet of the likes of Taylor Swift, one must first heed the layers–or lack there of–in this 5 song EP.

Produced by co-founding partner of Swoon City Records and sole proprietor of Secret Society Music Mike Beck, Distance Makes Me Sensitive bleeds of melancholy heartache through catchy guitar riffs and breathy vocals.

The opening track, “Unhappy Ending,” leads off with handclaps and a slightly distorted guitar riff that would make even the most cynical listener bob their head like Will Ferrell’s character in Night at the Roxbury. This track is probably the most dance friendly song on the EP.

While other artists may deter from hiding in plain sight, Cohen wears her heart on her sleeve using straightforward and transparent lyrics. The EP’s obvious theme slaps you in the face repeatedly. You can almost picture her ex-boyfriend rolling his eyes back and scoffing.

“Exhausted” ‘s approach to songwriting displays the best use of Cohen’s talents. The motive’s obvious nature works perfectly with the use of the piano, vocal range, pitch and tone. Fiona Apple would be proud.

The theme displayed in “Blindsided” works as the EP’s most interesting and promising idea; the prey turns hunter in a role reversal that befalls upon some relationships. Unfortunately, the delivery is weak and banal.

Though the content is mundane and overused, Distance Makes Me Sensitive leaves the listener knowing that there will be better things to come of Lindsey Cohen.

Watch the video for “Exhausted” 

Listen to “Unhappy Ending”

Author: Santiago Sanz | @santivity

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