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Gavin Turek (Credit- Tiger Tiger)

Listen to Gavin Turek’s funky single “Birdie Bees”


If you are into R&B, Soul and Funk, you will definitely enjoy Gavin Turek‘s new single. “Birdie Bees” is a groovy flashback to the 70’s with an elegant touch of pop.

For all those not familiar with Gavin, earlier this year she released her Good Look For You EP via her own label imprint, Madame Gold Records. Now she closes out the second half of a busy year with the Good Look for You tour, gracing stages on the East and West coast in support of the EP and her latest single “Birdie Bees.”

When asked about her new song, Turek shared: “When I wrote Birdie Bees, I was thinking about how deeply rooted our prejudices are. Whether you consider yourself a “good person” or not, we are socialized to view and treat poor people a certain way, black people a certain way, mentally disabled people a certain way, and the list goes on. It’s scary. We all know the pangs of being completely misunderstood or unseen. Yet, we so easily base our interactions off of our stigmas and preconceived notions. This is my way of reminding myself and others to look deeper, listen more, and most importantly to continue loving yourself and moving forward in spite of social pain. Again, my producer Chris Hartz, gave me the perfect musical landscape to grieve and also offer some hope.”

Hit play and enjoy!

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