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Mold! - I Can See The Ghost

Local Premiere: MOLD! Shares lysergic video for new single

Picture by Gabriel Duque

Miami-based psych-rock outfit MOLD! shares“I CAN SEE THE GHOST!, the sophomore single off their debut full-length effort NO SILENCE!, due out in August. The track features fast-paced garage-infused guitars and dreamlike vocals. I CAN SEE THE GHOST! has a lysergic visual counterpart, featuring animations by Peruvian artists Bruna Denegri and Tomàs Del Prado.

Most of the tracks included in NO SILENCE! were written by founding band member Carlo Barbacci and former bassist Bronto Montano. The songs express their emotional conflict about leaving their home in Lima, Peru back in 2017, to embark on their journey to the United States–and the existentialism that arises from leaving everything behind to start anew.

We had the chance of talking to Carlo to dive deep into MOLD!’s back story.

I CAN SEE THE GHOST!” is the second single off your upcoming album, NO SILENCE!. The song features elements of alternative rock, psych rock, and indie, is this song a good example of the overall sound of the record?

Yes, even though every song is unique, this taste of the record is definitely more revealing. Essentially the record is dark and chaotic. 

How was the process of composing the song?

Song Riff was born during a jam session with the band, then a demo was made, once the demo was made it was easy to work on lyrics and vocal parts. Then recorded at the bull prod with Ryan Haft, also mixed by him, and finally mastered by Dave Cooley. 

NO SILENCE! Is a pretty introspective record, that reflects your
emotional conflict about leaving your home in Lima to relocate to Miami. How do you think Miami has affected your sound?

Miami is the main influence of the music we make! We went to many shows in Miami and we studied the local music scene a lot before we started making these songs. The show that was the most mind-opening was my first time at Gramps in 2018: Palomino Blond, Zeta and Las Nubes played. I had never heard of these bands, we decided we wanted to try to fit in that scene. 

What do you think about Miami’s Music scene, both pre and post-pandemic?

Pre-pandemic all bands were very joined together, filling up venues like Churchills and las Rosas. future was looking bright in 2019. Bands were good enough that people would actually show up to enjoy the music. Pandemic definitely hit hard, but most bands have been using pandemic times to record new music, so now that we are so close to post-pandemic, I think we will all come back strong. So far we have officially played two “post-pandemic” shows, both very packed. And this is just the beginning. 

The video for “I CAN SEE THE GHOST” is both sweet and haunting, what was the thought process/concept behind it?

Since we were during covid, we thought animated videos would just be safer to make. I always admired Peruvian artist Bruna Denegri, so I reached out. The music video is just Bruna showing Her world freely. No need to make sense, no need for a story, we only agreed that we wanted it to feel like a dream. I like that her art is colorful, bizarre, bold and most of all it is a feminist statement, it just felt right to work with her.

Now that things are opening up again, do you have any Miami shows lined up?

We have some two July shows and one in August we can’t announce yet, but follow us on social media because we will announce soon! We will have our release show in mid-September, we are already planning that out. It will be a very epic night. 

If you could perform at any place in Miami, where would it be?

Gramps is our favorite bar but we have never played there. 

Any final thoughts that you would like to share with our readers?

Listen to the music with an open mind! This is not music you bump into every day, so it can take more than one listen to digest the power in these songs. But if anybody goes through this, I think these songs can become a healing comfort zone.


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