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Looking at a label redefining the marketing world

The first thing that EverbodyKnows does is pose a very plain question: “What does music Marketing even mean?” followed up by “The Lines Between Music, Marketing and Management have been blurred” For anyone whose world even remotely overlaps with the music industry, it’s very apparent that indeed the rules of the game have changed quite a bit almost overnight. Some artists will be drowned out if they rely on marketing models less than a decade old still, and others don’t even hire experts due to reaching sudden viral success and self-management of their own social media tools.

The formula of awareness for music has definitely changed, and many companies have been caught with their pants down by underplaying the role of virality on social media. Who can navigate this new landscape and come up with new, relevant strategies? It takes a label like EverybodyKnows, exploring and exploiting all digital and analog networking tools at their disposal to make sure their talents are positioned where the widest audience can appreciate their message.

Their hands-on approach has led them to set up and run over 30 events in their 4-year (and counting!) lifespan. Currently, their yearly goal is set to 6 projects at the time, focusing personalized attention and resources to make a success out of each and every single one of them, this personalized dedication is a high standard their artists can expect.

After a few years of being behind the scenes of many mainstream hits, the company decided to move front and center by signing their own releases and covering many of their artists’ marketing expenses. Some of their most recent success stories this year include “Said” a single by 070 shake and 070 Beheard which pulled 1 million streams in just two weeks, while Their most recent single “P.A.P” by the Martinez brothers and Fuego doubled those numbers in about the same time.

Co-Founder Moody Jones has said: “ With all the bullshit and noise in the industry, you need someone in your corner that fucks with you- that Knows the music- Knows the come up. ” this, in turn, has drawn some serious heavy visionary talents to their corner, such as Saint JHN, Ama Lou, and Rubi Rose.

Their motto seems to be “Why Wait For Virality?” and far from just a question, it seems to flaunt both their expert insight and dedication with one very serious notion: An artist who is serious about expanding their reach shouldn’t just leave things to chance, but to people who know what they’re doing, and believe in doing it for them.



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