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Lucia Tacchetti shares her latest album ELETÉ

“I feel the certainty all the time that things happen when you least think about them” is the first line in  “Apagon”, ELETÉ’s opening song. However, Lucia thinks a lot about life experiences and shares those introspective journeys throughout the whole album. This exploratory landscape has a pop sound of synthesizers, rhythmic programming, and melodies to accompany us for the ride.

The album balances between textures and multiple colors of pop with minimalism and nature, indivisible parts of Lucia Tacchetti’s identity. An identity that is in constant search and evolution and makes sure that, similarly to her songs, we are always present before the best version of herself. “I’m still me, but mutating and looking for new universes.” she explains.

Furthermore, ELETÉ reclaims one of the most coveted and paradoxically underestimated characteristics of pop: the leading role of the body. Each song on the album addresses this, sometimes literally as in “Todo Esta Donde Lo Deje”, “Gritan Fuerte” y “Mandamiento”, others directly from sound and its strong relationship with the body like in “Labyrinth”, the incredible rendition of “El Magnetismo” by El Mato A Un Policia Motorizao, and “Invisible”.

Lucia Tacchetti lays the foundations of an artistic universe and invites others to join.  “Collaborations are a fundamental part of ELETÉ’s identity, I want the songs to be the best version of themselves, that’s the basis”, explains Lucía.  In addition, working together allows us to draw a network of pop artists in Spanish to which we pay special attention to. The album features collaborations by Madrid’s Casero in “Laberinto”, the Catalan Cabiria in “Creer En Nada”, Argentina’s Isla de Caras  in “1k Agujas” and Mexico’s Kirnbauer for “Honestidad”.

ELETÉ’s production was in the hands of Juan Stewart, who has worked with Lucía since 2017 and also produced VOL. 3D (2018), her previous album. “I feel that Juan improves my universe, enhances it, finds the weak and strong points. He is a great artist to have by my side; I like to think of him as a teacher”, the artist explains.

Visual art is also the protagonist in Lucía Tacchetti’s presentation. And true to the essence of the album, artists from various disciplines participate in this sphere: from the artistic direction of Fabricio Pérez, the art of Lucila Taba and the cover photography of Martín Pissotti, to the video clips by the production companies CÁNDIDO and ARENA. In this regard, Lucía explains: “Each of these artistic pieces are very important in the album, I love the process of seeing what happens to the other person with the song, and that they also have that freedom to create.”

Stream ELETÉ on Spotify

1. Apagón
2. Todo Está Donde Lo Dejé
3. Gritan Fuerte
4. Laberinto
5. Honestidad
6. El Magnetismo
7.  Invisible
8. 1K Agujas
9. Creer en Nada
10. Mandamiento

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