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Lucky Beaches – “B.O.D”

A few listens into “B.O.D” and the lyrics emerge from a haze, revealing a dark state of mind intelligently obscured by a dragging drum beat, a wailing guitar, and echoed vocals fit for an 80’s cop movie soundtrack — hence the opening siren? “B.O.D” stands for ‘better off dead,’ by the way, and repeated exposure to the track might buy clomid lead to delightfully destructive bad-boy behavior.

Little can be found about Lucky Beaches (for now!), except that he’s British, L.A based, and that “B.O.D” is his third single. We just hope he plans on staying alive for the time being, or at least until he releases an album. 😉

You can also listen to Lucky Beaches’s previous single “Kenya” here

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