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LUI HILL and FYE & FENNEK join forces in “The Game”

Collaborations are one of the best things in music in our opinion. Having two (or more) creative minds come together leaving their need of absolute control behind and come to terms is something that we look forward to. The latest collaboration of Berlin-based artists LUI HILL and FYE & FENNEK is stunning, but before we get in to “The Game” let’s introduce both artists.

LUI HILL is a world traveler that earlier this year had a fantastic adaptation to The Little Mermaid, he continues to produce smart pop with soul sensibilities. His latest single “Revolver” is all about contrast dark vs light, devotion vs resistance. A song about love that asks the questions: How long should we fight for? When did we fail? Is it time to escape?

FYE & FENNEK on the other hand are an indie duo. Their singles are filled with great synths and sounds that makes the body naturally move, earlier this year they released an amazing album called “Separate Together.” Their latest single Dark Lights is all about exchanging your innocence for excitement, the feeling of youth, and surrendering yourself to the night.

With ‘The Game” both artists come together in a night of celebration for their year of success and friendship.

“It‘s not a duet, it‘s a game. We want to show different perspectives coming together.”

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