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LUI HILL‘s name might ring a bell since we covered him on TML in the past. He is currently residing in Germany working with the label Filter Music Group, but don’t let the fact that he lives in Germany fool you. LUI travels more than most people, as a matter of fact, most tracks in the record were written in different area of the globe.

“My Father always told me, how important traveling is. It helps you understand how beautiful and varied this world is, and its occupants and cultures. It helps you stay flexible and open-minded, and to get a different, more focused view about what we have and what we lack.” – LUI HILL

LUI encountered difficult times when he started to write his debut album, with three major blows: one a long-relationship of his ended, two his deal with a record label turned sour, and three and biggest, his dad and one of main influences passed away, almost inexplicably. With all of these news LUI wanted a fresh start so he headed to  South Africa, where the album will start to take shape with the song “5000 Miles.” Then he when to Los Angeles for the song “Words Become Useless.” He developed the idea to do an adaptation of The Little Mermaid while in LA, which you can see in his videos.

“The  Little  Mermaid is  a dreamer, she  breaks out. She loved  someone and had a dream  and went for it, even if it  seemed impossible. It’s not unlike  the mythology around Los Angeles-­‐  the place where dreamers go and sometimes  get their hearts broken. The story reminds  us that even after failure and heartbreak, there  are no real endings. We always begin again.” – LUI HILL

Check out his Instagram to follow LUI HILL‘s career. Listen to the record bellow:


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