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Lune Rose Releases ‘Can’t Be Sure’, An Ode To Disconnection

How do you know what your long-distance partner is feeling if you can’t read the emphasis in their expressions, only their texts? Is it possible to read the mind of your lover, thousands of miles apart? Los Angeles native Lune Rose brings us a gentle slow burner about the distance between partners and the transparency of communication.

Lune Rose recruited DJ Dveris to help reflect the meaning of ‘Can’t Be Sure’ onto the screen, and they captured it using super 8 film. Intimate and personal, colorful lights fade over Lune Rose’s face as she slowly spins from profile to face us over the course of the video. A dull complacency covers her expression as we witness her unedited thought process. Mouthing the words to the song, the ever-changing lights reflect the ever-changing aspects of any relationship.

“With no chance to read someone’s body language, and only hearing their tone of voice over the phone, you’re left with an uneasy feeling. You can’t be sure what’s really happening.” -Lune Rose, ‘Can’t Be Sure’

Lune Rose is about to start her sophomore year of psychology at NELA’s Occidental College all the while being fully immersed in the world of music. Playing keys with her brother’s band. Night Talks, Lune Rose comes out of the background with a moody, delicate sound that is both vulnerable and assured, indie and contemporary. She’ll be releasing a full EP this coming fall (2019).

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