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LVVRS drop new Single & Video

Unconventionally colorful and studded with a textured finish that has become unfortunately uncommon on both sides of the dial lately, the guitar parts in LVVRS’ new track “Iconic” are undisputedly the bedrock of its sensuous appeal, but truth be told, they’re not the only captivating element to behold in this latest release from the acclaimed rock crew. LVVRS unleash one wickedly smooth harmony after another in “Iconic,” and although the music video for the song might be even more exciting than its source material is on its own, the end result of consuming its beat is ultimately the same for listeners and viewers alike.

More on LVVRS: https://www.lvvrs.com/

The string play in this single isn’t the lone sweet spot for us to tune into; in fact, thanks to the detailed production quality of both the video and the standard version of the song, there isn’t a component in the instrumentation that doesn’t play somewhat of a starring role in making the hook as intoxicating as possible. The vocal is sewn into the fabric of the bassline rather brilliantly, advancing the pace of the groove even more than the drums do in a couple of key junctures, and just when it feels like the collective passion the band is throwing down will become too much for us, the tightly-matched levels stop the ebbtide of rhythm from dragging us asunder.

I just started listening to LVVRS’ music this month, but I’m definitely going to be looking out for more of their material in 2020. They’ve got a powerful command of the beat in “Iconic” that goes well past what I anticipated to hear in both the video and the single itself, and if they can maintain the prowess that they’re exhibiting in this release, I think they will eventually develop a sound even more attractive than that of their closest rivals in the mainstream.

John McCall

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