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Machineheart brings us the single “Do You Love”

I promise you this, it’s gonna stick in you head. I warned you.

Machineheart is really our to capture fans souls with “Do You Love”. Dancing on the thin line between rock, indie and pop, they truly mange to convey the impression that they should be on every beg festival stage. “Do You Love” has the big chorus sound made popular by bands like Coldplay, and the verses are kind of a combination of…. “Ellie Goulding with a rock attitude”. Regardless of my questionable assessment,  the point is that this track will fit in happily with indie fans, rock fans, pop fans and more. Which is a rather hard balance to find. The group merges their pumped up drums, haunting melodies and cinematic soundscape to create a soulfully resplendent sound. Or in more common terms.. epic feel good music.

The video for “Do You Love” is simple and easy to watch. The band, playing the track, in black and white, with a lot of cuts and closeups. In my opinion it really helps to push the sing by complementing it instead of distracting viewers from the music.

Machineheart are the definition of musicians moving to LA to make it big, and making it big. I personally attribute this 50/50 to talent and personality. It is pretty obvious even to a person like me that just stumbled onto the band that Machineheart is one of those bands that is on your schedule to see live wherever they play. The talent part is a given; and the personality is easily vicible in the video and it is reflected in their playing style; they are out to enjoy what they do.
Hailing from Seattle, the LA-based band has garnered over 47+ million streams off their debut EP within
the first year. Fronted by the charismatic Stevie Scott, with Harrison Allen
(drums), Carman Kubanda (electric guitar), and Jake Randle (bass) completing the lineup.

Check out the video for “Do You Love” here!

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