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Madge Teaches Us “How To Play”

We have an amazing new tune for you from the Los Angeles DIY-pop artist Madge. We know that sometimes artists grow up in hard or interesting environments, but this is the first time we run into an artist that grew up in a strict mormon household in Utah, USA for most her life. In a Noisey interview Madge mentions “I was really disturbed by the sexism and homophobia of the church. And to start questioning that as a teenager, and then having a full on faith crisis in my early 20s… that was really traumatic. I still deal with those intense feelings of shame, guilt, and self loathing that have been programmed into my brain.”

Thankfully she was able to move to LA and to create her unique kind of pop. Her new single “How To Play” is a bit more upbeat and happy than her previous tracks but it is great nonetheless.

“A lot of my songs are dark and metaphoric – a characteristic that I’m proud of and my go-to approach when I’m cooking lyrics. This time around I wanted to make something simple, repetitive, and literal. “How To Play” is the Cliff’s Notes version of Madge. It’s also a self-affirmation of what I can do and what I’m here to do.” – Madge

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