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Madus brings us “baby” and it will get stick in your head

If there ever was a song designed to stick in your head and annoy you there for days…..

No, with that quote above I’m not saying “Baby” is a bad song. Actually the track is pretty damn good. Madus put forth the kind of track you want playing on the jukebox when you gather with some friends, for some cold beers on a summer night at the local dive bar. And then Terminator walks in or something…. Nah, in all seriousness Madus has just released a very fun track. The only thing I can say on the downside of “Baby” is the lenght of the track. As soon as you think you got the groove, and you’ll be able to sing it out of your head, the track ends. So you have to play it again.

Madus formed (more or less) in 2009, when members Dugan Cruz (singer/guitarist) and Sam Sobo (drummer) met on a musicians classified site or an “online dating website for musicians”. And here was I, thinking these things never worked out! You learn something every day!!
The garage rock outfit is based in LA, and is for  fans of Arctic Monkeys, Queens of the Stone Age, and the Strokes.

Enough with the talk! Bring on the ROCK MUSIC!

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