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Makes My Blood Dance’s “Beaming Right Up” (single/video)

Beautiful women and rock stars are everywhere we look in the music video for Makes My Blood Dance’s “Beaming Right Up,” which is out now and bringing the up and coming metal band a lot of well-deserved adulation this season. The glitzy lights of the club, the velvet curtains and cheaply painted stage doors, the shutter of cameras in the audience; Makes My Blood Dance takes us into their world in this video, and while it’s not a first-person perspective of the rock n’ roll lifestyle as it’s been advertised to us for the better part of the last century, it’s an up close and personal look into the adrenaline-fueled angst that this talented group of musicians dispatch so effortlessly in their debut release.

It doesn’t take much to become hypnotized by the sexy images that spill across our screen in “Beaming Right Up,” but there’s never any question as to what the real flash point in this explosive new single is. The riffs are carnal, full of a punishing brutality that is only matched by the bassline, and they’re left uncaged to do whatever they please in the buildup to the chorus. The hook that briefly brings their grinding to a halt is poppy only to a point; its real purpose in this song is to blindside us with its confident sway, which is as intoxicating as any stiff drink that the bartender of the video’s club would be able to pour us.

The guitar solo has all of the harmonic zeal that a post-Satriani metal track is supposed to have, but the lead is more centered on bludgeoning than it ever is on indulging in its own bloated gust of grooves. It’s short and sweet, like “Beaming Right Up” is in general, and packs so much of a punch that, were it to have lasted any longer, it might have been a bit too much for us to digest in a single sitting. Makes My Blood Dance haven’t been around for very long at all, but they’ve already mastered a couple of key aspects in their sound that many of their peers, both in and out of metal, would spend the entirety of a career trying to nail down once and for all.

The video for “Beaming Right Up” stops on a dime and concludes with a freeze frame of Makes My Blood Dance looking dashingly elegant, with the absence of the riffs leaving a void that can only be filled by another spin of this surreally catchy metal single. 2019 hasn’t been a huge year for heavy music, but acts like this group aren’t letting the relative lack of attention from the mainstream stop them from turning out some really smashing grooves that break more barriers than they reinforce. I’ve got my eye on these guys, and I’m much more interested in seeing them on the road then I am in hearing their forthcoming debut album, even. This is a band that was made to grace the stage with their monolithic melodies, and this summer could definitely use some more of their creative fire.

John McCall

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