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Malou Beauvoir’s “NWAYE” (Single-Video)

Never rushed but always boasting a bit of urgency in their delivery of sumptuous notes, some picked, others lightly strummed, the guitar parts in Malou Beauvoir’s “NWAYE” are as gorgeous an element as we could ask for in a song this summer. Together with a moderate percussive presence in the background, they create a foundation for the elegant voice of Malou Beauvoir to stun us with all of its unbreakable charm. The music video for “NWAYE” is a potent and, at times, difficult to digest document due to its blatant display of uncomfortable realities, but with this soundtrack, it’s one of the finest releases I’ve seen this month.

URL: https://www.maloubeauvoir.com/

The harmony here wraps us in warmth from the very start of the song, but it doesn’t save us from feeling the icy chills that come with seeing the various images of destruction in the video. There are moments in which the melodic faceting in “NWAYE” transcends the limitations of linguistics altogether, making it possible for us to feel the emotionality of the lyrics without clinging to any specific verses for clarity. That’s the heart and soul of internationally powerful music, and in this single, it’s what gives Malou Beauvoir a boost above her competition this season.

I love the conservative distribution of the percussive beats in this track. It both spotlights the emotion in the melodic components of the music and highlights just how jarring some of the imagery in the music video for “NWAY” is when there isn’t a beautiful voice channeling the pain into aural mysticism in the foreground. Serious time, thought and energy went into crafting this release to be as evocative as it is in the state we find it in today, and those who didn’t think Malou Beauvoir was capable of delivering such an epic prior to now should be singing a different tune sooner than later.

While the music video for this song is one of the most powerful you’re likely to come across in this genre, something tells me I would be walking away from it just as affected by Malou Beauvoir’s voice even if it weren’t as raw visually as it is. Her vocal is the ultimate feature here, to such a point that no matter what you’re doing when it starts to blossom before us, you have to drop everything and focus on the toned serenade she’s blessing everyone in the room with.

Malou Beauvoir has all eyes on her this June as she unleashes what I would deem her most impressive and mature content yet in “NWAYE,” and whether you’re new to her sound or have been following her for the last year, it’s a treat most melody-lovers are likely to enjoy. “NWAYE” has a vitality that isn’t very easy to locate anywhere in popular music anymore, whether it be the underground or the mainstream markets, and judging from what it tells us about its creator compositionally, I would say that this won’t be the last time we hear something moving from her moniker.

John McCall

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