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MEZKO release new EP SYZYGY

The three song EP is a fun journey up, in, and out.

Sydney based electro-pop duo MEZKO take the next stop on their creative journey, releasing their latest EP titled SYZYGY. 

The release celebrates the duality at MEZKO’s core, where the union of opposites between band member Kat Harley & Laura Bailey gives life to endless possibilities. This is theme that the pair fiercely embraces, both as people and as musicians.

Together, the EP’s three songs represent stages of a story. An initial impetus for action, a challenge, and a celebration of the journey.

“You In Me” is about the dark muse. It’s that voice in your head that says “light the match… now throw it.” It’s in all of us, but some people can draw it out more than others.
The second track, “Come & Go,” is the challenge. It covers growing, changing and taking the good while leaving the darkness behind and keeping your ‘sass’ intact.
Lastly, “They Like. We Like.” is a carefree celebration. MEZKO works hard to perfect their music, but sometimes they feel it’s better to just ride with whatever comes out.

A lot of the vocals and guitar on SYZYGY are deliberately unaltered from their original demo recordings, while some of the lyrics are intentionally dumb and fun – embracing the loose, and joyous, perfection of spontaneity.

Listen to the MEZKO’s EP SYZYGY on SPOTIFY here.

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