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“Minha Velha Amiga” (“My Old Friend”) from Chelsea Rose (PREMIERE)

At one point in the curiously peculiar music video “Minha Velha Amiga” (“My Old Friend”) from Chelsea Rose, the singer and songstress is dancing behind in what looks like a prism glass. It’s a kaleidoscope of colors, hues of blues, reds and yellows bouncing off each other. The song itself is a retro-sounding mix of bossa nova, 60s lounge flavorings and a burst of modern artistry. The prism seems fitting – Chelsea Rose, a force of nature blends pop rock, jazzy rhythms and indie rock tones in her exhilarating track “Minha Velha Amiga”.

URL: https://www.hellochelsearose.com/

Sung in Portuguese and presented in a poignant punch of explorative keyboards and invigorating vocals. Rose’s voice is so smooth – so elegant with a touch of class, sultry and enigmatic wonderings. I’ll get more into the music video here soon, but just listening to this track is like being stuck in a cult classic, a “Twin Peaks” episode without the dreariness and melancholy. It’s a delightful, bizarre journey into dancing melodies and cascading piano and organ keys. Her voice isn’t mismatched at all – it’s the perfect juxtaposition of 60s elegance and unbridled confidence a-la Meredith Brooks (“Bitch”). Not knowing the lyrics and judging by the rabbit-hole of a music video, Rose seems more than aware that she’s dealing with her old friend – personal temptation or personal gratitude. Who is this old friend she sings of? Just listening it’s a positive song and it’s a light-hearted dance.

While watching the video, these two mysterious figures – one male, one female, are both faceless. The figures are both wearing long, Marian-blue dresses. They are adorned with crowns – bursting sun rays, sticks stretching out. They are both gloved. At one point Rose is dancing with them on a black-and-white checkered floor – reminding me of a 50s kitchen. Many of the colors in this Wendy McColm-directed video are reminiscent of 50s and 60s – those yellows and aqua blues.

It must be said that no matter what the language is – this song resonates. It’s an instant wave of nostalgia, but Rose is careful not to live in the past too long. She’s wise enough to bring the listener into a modern zone. There’s really nothing like it, and her voice is a stirring reminder and comparison to the afore-mentioned Brooks, Joan Osborne, less poppy than Donna Lewis (“I Love You Always Forever”) and more refined that KD Lang. She’s nothing like them, yet, she’s all of them in one. She’s her own voice and she leaves a breadth of talent behind her in this track.

BANDCAMP: https://hellochelsearose.bandcamp.com/

Such spunk, such connection – “Minha Velha Amiga” translates into a memorable song from Los Angeles’s Chelsea Rose. Diving deep into a world of past sounds and tones, Rose jumps into the now with a shimmering song of love, temptation, questioning and soul-searching. She has an immediate connection to her listener and while the accompanying music video has its own idiosyncrasies, it’s artistic and calls for larger conversation. What more can you ask for as a singer and songwriter?

John McCall

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