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Big Bliss

Big Bliss Shares video for “Contact”

Big Bliss share their new track and video, “Contact.” The song was recorded in fall of 2017 with Jeff Berner at Studio G in Brooklyn. While writing their upcoming LP, Big Bliss came across a few songs that felt like standalone singles versus being in thrust of their LP material. A-side, “Contact,” focuses on desperate interpersonal reliance, and loss of communication with someone close. “Override” describes power dynamics too often witnessed and only recently revealed. The video for “Contact” was directed by Micah Weisberg and Bill Dvorak of Young Heart Productions.

Big Bliss formed in late 2015 when brothers Cory and Tim Race began collaborating on a project with the aims of tapping into shared influences from 70’s and 80’s punk and post punk. Despite Cory having a huge musical influence on Tim as kids, and over their shared quarter century playing in separate bands, this is their first project together. They recruited Brooklyn songwriter Wallace May to play bass, whose leading style adds melodic layer to their trio sound. Together they deliver shimmering, jangling, energetic post punk, attempting to bridge the gap between precision, pop, dissonance and power, all within the typical confines of a three piece rock outfit.

Recently named “NYC’s Hardest Working Band of 2017” by Oh My Rockness, they’ve played around 150 shows between five tours and in NYC since their inception. Their debut EP, “Keep Near,” was released on Exit Stencil Records in the fall of 2016.

In May 2017, the band followed up their EP with the single “Fortune.”  Their next release is a 7 inch set for February 2018, with their debut LP to follow in mid 2018.


Watch the video for “Contact” 

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